This is the long essay for final year students. It is the research that you undertake before you complete.

This course is aimed at preparing you read, appreciate and restate texts or passages read based on your understanding. It is also to help you summarize or restate a text in your own words with focus on theme and context.

Note: your assessment would be based on class discussions, take home assignments, quizzes, mid-term Semester Exams and End of Semester Examination. Your assessment would be based on topics treated during lectures and topics on the course outline.

Class Assessment: 40%

End of Semester Examination: 60%

Total: 100% 

This course continues the work carried out in KUSE 122 (Written Literature of Kusaal I) and  KUSE 241 (Oral Literature of Kusaal. It concentrates on in-depth analysis of literary works in Kusaal within the context of

literary criticism. Cultural underpinnings of the selected set books from prose, drama and poetry/verse will be looked at in detail. Areas to be covered include;

1. Doing literary criticism

2. Appreciating poetry, prose and drama.

3. Reading and critiquing prose

4. Reading and critiquing drama

5. Reading and critiquing poetry

6. Discussion of relevance of the text to present day life (such as the role of men/women, prejudices and stereotypes, etc, etc.)